Let’s get this started

Hello, fellow crafters & crocheters!

I feel like these days, there’s no end to the number of projects I’m actively working on, and ideas I can’t wait to start. I used to wonder why people would say things like “here’s a project I’ve had on the hook for awhile”, because I’d think “why not just work on one thing at once, and get it done?!” Well, the answer to that is quite simple, for me: there are far too many awesome crochet projects out there, to sit down and finish each 10 hour project, before starting the next one.

Currently, i’m working on four or five: (pictures to come)

1. bulky granny mandala rug

I had a horrible mishap with a pattern I was trying, which was supposed to use 3 skeins of chunky yarn. the pattern was a chunky granny shrug, located here http://www.australqualityproducts.com.au/Lara/Granny.pdf, and the hook i used was 15.75, which was really too big, but i decided I was going to fake it. NOPE. In the end, it used almost 5 skeins of yarn, and was entirely too heavy. I’d completed the pattern right, but there was just something about it. Seriously. Everyone would look at it, and be like “No, i think it looks fine! …wait.” It was cute, but the longer you looked at it, the more something looked off.

So i had to unravel it. It was the first project I’d completed that I actually hated, so it was pretty discouraging, but i made it through. So late one night, I unraveled it in my dorm room, and rolled it all up into one basketball sized ball. It must have been six pounds, it was ridiculous. I was too upset about it all to try the pattern again, with a smaller hook, so now i’m using all that yarn to make a little circular rug, for my bathroom next year. it’s about 2 1/2 feet wide so far, and the yarn is about half way used up. I’m excited to show you guys pictures!

2. T-shirt yarn rug

This other rug i’m making is just increased single crochets, in rounds. I’m so poor, i’ve been using bobby pins as stitch markers. This rug is sort of my baby, at the moment, since I’ve been really into upcycling yarn recently, and i made the yarn myself. It’s definitely slower going than the bulky rug, and it’s been a few days since i’ve picked it up, so i’ve forgotten what increase i’m on, but i’m sure i’ll get a second wind on it soon. Hopefully, in the next couple posts, i’ll have a tutorials for a couple of my favorite recycled yarns!

3. Pineapple Morgana Shrug

So I’m apparently behind the times, on learning pineapple patterns, but the second i completed my first one, i fell in love! So I found a pattern in my most recent copy of Love of Crochet (magazine. love it. I highly recommend it.) that i started yesterday, and i’m a little under halfway through.

4. Amigurumi Hippo

I know, I know, amigurumi doesn’t even take that long. but i got the body all done, and then did the ears, and one leg, and was just like “well, i’ll leave this for another day” so now, i’ve got one leg with it’s stuffing poking out, and a hippo body with no ears, legs, or even eyes. Rough.

I feel like i’m forgetting some project, that i’ve cast to the side, but anyways, I just feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day. I apologize for the lack of pictures. My sister’s been too busy editing wedding photos to take the pictures I’ve asked her to, and I was too impatient to wait for them, but hopefully i’ll have those up by thursday. So until then, happy hooking everybody!


About jlstotts

I'm a 19 year-old crocheter bouncing back & forth between by Chapel Hill and Boone, NC, depending on the season.
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