Project Pictures!

I’m sorry that it took me so long to get these up! I even promised Thursday, but if it counts for anything, I wrote this up late last night, (after seeing the midnight premiere of Snow White & The Huntsman! So good. I cried six times. Really.) But my internet wouldn’t cooperate until today.

But anyways… I’m so excited to finally have awesome pictures to show you guys, thanks to my sister, the talent behind CarolynMarie Photography. Click that link to see some more of her work!

So let’s dive right in!

So, as of this morning, i had yet to unravel that yellow bulky rug I’ve been working on, and now after pulling it out today to photograph, I fell back in love with the idea, so i’m gonna keep what i’ve got so far, and finish it up to completion. right now it’s heading towards 2.5 feet across.


My pineapple Morgana shawl is coming along really well. Even after this pictures is taken, I’ve worked more on it, and it’s almost ready for me to start on the border. Are button holes hard? I’ve somehow skimped out of making them up until now. But I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.
Here’s what I’ve got so far


Since I haven’t pressed and steamed it yet, the stitches are kinda bundled up, so here it is, alittle easier to see the design


Lastly, here’s the rug I’ve been making out of T-Shirt yarn! The sides look a little wavy, and at first I was afraid that I had too many stitches, but it’s really just the stretchiness of the t-yarn and the way I’ve kept it rolled up (I hope?)


My next post is gonna be the BEST YET. It’s going to be all about UPCYCLING! The simple tricks to making quick & easy yarn out of t-shirts, sheets, and even plastic bags, will all be revealed…tomorrow!

Hope your weeks are going well!


About jlstotts

I'm a 19 year-old crocheter bouncing back & forth between by Chapel Hill and Boone, NC, depending on the season.
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2 Responses to Project Pictures!

  1. Alicia says:

    What kind of yarn are you using for the yellow rug? It is so cute and something similar would look great in my guest room!

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