More yarn upcycling!

Hey guys!

I feel like it’s been a week since my last post. Sorry about that. between two jobs and trying to catch up on sleep, my free time has been completely non-existent  But for you who enjoyed my last post about making t-shirt yarn, I’ve prepaired two more quick tutorials for you!

today we will learn how to make this


out of a plastic grocery bag,

and this


out of old linens!

So here we go…

Making Plarn (plastic yarn) is super easy, although the amount I ended up with seems hardly worth it.

first, you take a plastic bag and straighten it out by tugging on the bottom and top corners until it lays flat, and folded along its edges, like this:


Next, cut off the top with the handles, and the melted edge.

now you’re going to cut strips about 1 inch wide, from side to side. Unlike with the t-shirt yarn, you’re going to cut all the way through, resulting in alot of plastic loops


now, take these loops and tie them together using a basic slip knot method


keep doing this until all your strips are connected.

when i made this tutorial, one bag resulted in 16 feet of plarn. I know, this isn’t very much. but it also took me a total of 3 minutes, so it’s not hard work to do 100 of these in one sitting.

So… what can you make with plarn? Pretty much just more bags. But having a reusable bag that’s hand made is WAY more awesome than that collection of grocery bags that you’ve been stashing in your pantry for 3 years! here’s a link to a pattern for a plarn bag, that i like:

Now, let’s make some yarn out of sheets!

This one is easy-peesy! even more so than the plarn, because there’s no tying involved, what so ever!

first, just grab a sheet, and cut off any boarders or hems.

Then, start at one corner, and cut a slit about 1 inch from the end.


then, grab each side of that cut and PULL!the sheet should rip along a grain and come out straight. If you pull to hard and fast, it’ll end up deviating to one side. So rip it firmly but not too quickly.


Rip until you’re about 1 inch from the end. At this point, turn the sheet, cut a slit 1 inch from the end, along the next side of the sheet.


Rip. Repeat this until you get to a point where the sheet is too small to be worth all the turning & cutting. If at any point you accidently rip all the way through, no worries. Start it again like you’re beginning with a new sheet, and then just tie the ends together. no big. Then, roll it all up into a ball & Voila!

So.. what can you make with fabric yarn? tons of stuff. Rugs! Baskets! Bags! Bowls! anything that calls for bulky yarn can pretty much be made with fabric yarn. Just keep in mind that you probably don’t want to use it for garments because it’s going to be heavy and have that worn, cut up look to it. just google what you want to make and you should easily find a pattern for it!

happy recycling! (& TGIF, am i right?)


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I'm a 19 year-old crocheter bouncing back & forth between by Chapel Hill and Boone, NC, depending on the season.
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