Sorry, guys

I know, I know. it’s been weeks since I’ve said a word. I’ve been crazy with work, and my computer’s screen is cracked, so typing up and spell checking ANYTHING takes awhile. I’ve also been so busy, i haven’t been able to crochet anything. ):

i took a little vacation this week, traveled up to asheville to visit my better half. But even during those 5 days off, i only managed to make half of another hook case, which was meant to be for his mother (the woman who taught me to crochet, in the first place) but i didn’t get it finished in time.


Here’s a few patterns i’ve stumbled upon and thought you guys would like:

after finishing my yellow rug, i’ve been focusing on finding doily patterns, which when made with bigger hooks and bulkier yarn, would make nice rugs. Here, CrochetGalore is one step ahead of me, with a pattern, hook size, & yarn, for a doily rug. check out the pattern here:


this pattern, from crochetincolor, is made with the same idea as the original basket i’ve already posted, but this one is alittle big larger, and is made with various colors for an awesome effect. It’s a perfect project for busting a bulky yarn stash. try it out!


this one is my favorite, and it’s super super cute. Tangled Happy posted this link for the pattern to this rainbow coin purse. It’s precious & i can’t wait to have time to make it. It’s an awesome gift for someone of any age, and  it’s a cool way to practice incorporating zippers into your projects without it being too drastic if you mess up


this pictureless update is bland, sorry, i’m kind of in a rush. This next week is looking slower for me, so i’ll have more time to work on my projects, & hang out with ya’ll. (:

for now, happy hooking!


About jlstotts

I'm a 19 year-old crocheter bouncing back & forth between by Chapel Hill and Boone, NC, depending on the season.
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3 Responses to Sorry, guys

  1. crochetime says:

    That basket from crochetincolour is gorgeous! We’re remodelling our garage into a spare room and I was planning on making a doily style rug, but I think I’m going to add a basket as well. The rug I’m going to make is this one:
    THanks for the links 🙂

  2. I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you for your posts! 🙂 See for details:

  3. Love the crochet basket pattern. The colours are perfect. Need to check my yarn stash and see if I have similar.

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